When a business decides to open up their accessibility for credit cards, they have to get a merchant account.  If you own or manage a marina, being able to accept credit cards is crucial. It opens the door to many business opportunities from selling candy bars to selling marina spaces. So follow these tips when opening a merchant account.

Maintain positive credit. Just like any other loan or credit purchase, a bank wants to see that you are trustworthy with their money. So ensuring that your credit is always positive will make it much easier to get approved. Positive credit is the first step in attaining merchant services.

Be honest. You know when you watch a show about a criminal, and when they lie about their behavior, it seems much more suspicious than if they had just told the truth from the beginning. No matter what the truth is, be honest about it. A bank will not like it if they don’t hear the truth from you. They have access to all information from past bankruptcy filings all the way to how much money you currently have in your account. So just be honest.

marina merchant servicesDon’t put all your eggs in one basket. There are many options out there for creditors that are willing to give a merchant account. So in order to ensure that you are getting the best interest account, be sure that you shop around. Check with your local banks as well as your national chain banks to ensure that you get the best option possible. Also, different processors may offer different interest options as well as possibly just offer a processing fee. Depending on your credit, that may be a small way to save a few dollars.

Consider the Marina Specifics. The marina business is a really detailed business and typically you are dealing with high rolling people. So making sure that your account can offer services for large amounts of money may be crucial. Along with that, the marina industry is rounded. You may be selling water products, candy bars or large items like marina spaces. Your merchant account needs to meet those needs.

Be organized. When you go to speak to your bank be sure to have all of the needed paperwork. Ask on the phone when you set the appointment if you don’t know what paperwork you need. The more organized you look, the more likely you are to get financing. You will seem more trustworthy. Check out these five ways to get credit card processing services.